Automatic Cup Washer

✨Automatic Cup Washer:
Elevate your beverage service to a new level of hygiene and efficiency with our Automatic Cup Washer. Meticulously designed, this innovative machine streamlines your cup cleaning process, ensuring cleanliness and convenience.

✨Hygiene and Efficiency Combined:
Designed for both hygiene and efficiency, our cup washer uses cutting-edge technology to clean and sanitize cups, leaving no room for contaminants. Enjoy the convenience of consistently clean and ready-to-use cups.

✨Elevate Your Hygiene Standards:
Don't settle for traditional cup cleaning methods when you can have the convenience and hygiene of automation. Choose our Automatic Cup Washer to elevate your hygiene standards, save time, and ensure your customers always enjoy clean and safe beverages.

Seat diameter: 30mm
Hose length: 80cm
Maximum working temperature: 90 degrees Celsius
Nominal pressure: 1.5Mpa
Inlet and outlet pipe diameter: 4 minutes
Applicable type: kitchen faucet
Structural form: single connection
Spool type: all copper spool
Cup washer shell material: stainless steel

Package including:
1x Glass Rinser
1x Tee Connector
1x Water Pipe

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Koby Kilback

Gagai laiku Vilas compelektas

Jordyn Hand

Garno, I'll play it.

Lilliana Hessel

The finish is better than I thought. I 'd like to install it soon.

Caitlyn Ward

Installation as soon as it comes
It's good, it's easy.

Zena Kohler

It works well. I installed this and was praised by the wiper for the first time this year.

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