Pet Dog Cat Bowl Floating Bowl

Double reinforced dripping:  the top cover is reinforced by the frame edge to effectively protect the top cover from being kicked out and prevent splashing.

Assembly and disassembly:  because of its simple structure, easy installation and disassembly, it is easy to clean the inside and outside.

Use in the car:
  because of its special splash proof design, you can install it in your car. To a large extent, it can prevent water splashing, even when the car is running.

Structural stability:
the lower center of gravity of the bowl keeps it stable on the ground. It's hard for your cat or dog to turn it


  • Volume: 1.5L
  • Type: Dogs
  • Item Type: Food Storage

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Rickey O'Hara

Just as described. Less water around the floor. Happiest with that product

Audie Lind

It's relatively fast וארוז well. Really no dripping but sometimes the bitch me yes dripping a couple of drops. There is a difference positive significant ושווה the silver

Vallie Kohler

Perfect container but it's a bit high for a small dog. The middle part which is floats on the surface of water is created from 2 parts. We will see what is correct later. Anyway the quality looks like very good. The surface of material strong and nice.

Grace DuBuque

This is the second time I 've ordered this bowl. I am delighted because it fully meets my needs: my two dogs drink by putting water everywhere. Indeed, my greyhound lape with large tongue movements and my cocker is soaking her ears in water.

With this bowl, plus a drop of water on the ground. I highly recommend.
In addition, it is rather designer and discreet.

Beware: The container is weak, so you have to fill the bowl often.

Bobby Kirlin

Just as described. The only concern, that it could be smaller. Our dog is small.

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