Baby Breathable Pillow

100% impact protection and peace of mind, this cute protective backpack will provide the ultimate protection for your baby while playing! Protect your baby's skull to prevent him from falling backwards.

Shock-absorbing and impact-resistant materials provide extra protection for your children when they play freely. The length of the backpack can also protect the baby's neck and upper back when falling down-most baby helmets do not have this function. If you are looking for something that can provide complete head and upper back coverage, this is a perfect choice.

The protective backpack is made of skin-friendly cotton fiber that will not rub the skin. This makes it extra soft and comfortable when running

Lightweight and adjustable to fit, the adjustable shoulder strap allows you to control the number of backpacks while allowing your baby to move completely freely. It can grow with your baby from 4 to 36 months old and is suitable for long-term use. The lightweight design makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The hole can prevent flat head syndrome. The hole in the center of the headrest helps prevent flat head syndrome, allowing the baby's skull space to maintain a good shape when lying down for a long time.

The cute design that your child will like, not only will your little baby be well protected, but the cute design will make your baby want to wear it.

Babies and toddlers always fall when they learn to crawl or walk.The accident was expected, but it is embarrassing to think about the impact on their precious little heads. Being hit in the head may cause serious injury, but we have the cutest solution that can give parents all over the world peace of mind. This is a must, especially if you have hard floors!

The elastic strap design of the shoulder guard fits and is elastic, and the elasticity is moderate when the baby squats.
Let the baby feel comfortable and not tight during the carrying process


Crystal Velvet fabric
Filter: PP cotton
Pillow Type: Neck Pillow
Pillow shape: round
Pillow filling: cotton core pillow
Color: bee, elephant, tiger, frog, angel
Size: 33x19x6cm


Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Velma Harvey

for those babies who love to throw themselves back
no it will not protect them from the sides nor the front but it does help from falling back and throwing himself back. very cute and fashionable too. doesn't bother the baby

Wilhelm Walsh

Perfect cm in photos

Rickie Hamill

Recommend everything

Blanche Mueller

very good thanks

Desiree Abshire


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