Baby tableware set

Complete Baby Feeding Set: Cibeat baby self eating utensils kit includes everything you need to get started with solid food for toddlers, it comes with 1 adjustable bib with food catcher, 1 suction divided plate, 1 suction bowl, 1 training straw sippy cup, 1 silicone placemat, 1 first stage spoon and 1 fork. All-in-one feeding set is perfect for infants self feeding training.

100% Safe for Babies:
Cibeat baby eating supplies are made of 100% food grade silicone, free of BPA, PVC, phthalate and lead. Besides, soft silicone toddler utensils have no sharp edges, are unbreakable, far more durable than plastic ones, freezer safe and microwave safe.

Good Helpers for Self Feeding Training:
Perfect size, baby-friendly, specially designed to aid self eating. Spoon and fork are very easy to hold and grip. The tall curved sidewalls of the suction bowl help with scooping and self-feeding. The super soft and light weight bib is great at catching food. The suction plate has divided sections keeping food separated, deep rounded edges for easy scooping.

Avoid Mess & Nutritional Balance:
The strong suction help the bowl and plate safely attaching themselves to any complete smooth surface including high-chair trays. Our bib comes with a deep and sturdy spill pocket that catches any stray food or liquids. Besides, divided plate has 3 sections, one for staple food, one for vegetables and one for fruit or snacks, letting your baby have balanced nutrition.

Easy to Clean:
These no hassle feeding supplies are easy to clean. You just use the clean water to wash them after every time you use them, or you can wash them with the dishwasher for your next use.


  • Product Category: Bowl
  • Material: polymer antibacterial material
  • Applicable age: 3 months or more

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Julius Cole

Product same as photo, fast shipping

Noemie Champlin

Received the bowl well packed. It is convenient thanks to its side wrists. Its lid is good for protecting food whether it is when warming in the microwave or in the fridge. The small spoon is solid and the child can take it well in hand. The cuppa is perfect to prevent the baby from playing with the bowl and or moving it and this prevents it from overturning the bowl! And that's what I 've been looking for!!
I only received one bowl of the 2 ordered, I spoke to the seller who checked and who, by his kindness, offered another send. I appreciated his honesty! And for that I visited his shop to order another item, so that will make him another sale and in + he will send me the other bowl. I recommend this seller with great qualities, those of professionalism, honesty and know-how in business.
Visit his shop you will find interesting things there!
When I receive the next package, I will put pictures!

Jalen Carter

My puiku viskas

Chelsea Wolff

The order arrived super fast, in perfect condition and true to the photo, I recommend the seller.

Torrance Lang

The same as the photo, very good product

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