Facial Comb Wrinkle Remover

1. 3-level micro-electrotherapy; EMS pulse, micro-electric stimulation, low-frequency micro-current pulse, penetrate deep into the skin tissue, restore skin elasticity, restore skin elasticity, and tighten contours

Three-stage constant temperature:  hot compress, three-stage temperature adjustment, hot compress to burn fat, infrared assisted, remove water from the body, eliminate edema, brush arms, reduce cellulite, thin arms, brush abdomen, accelerate metabolism, eliminate fat, brush thighs, eliminate edema, Reshape the body curve.

Three-stage vibration adjustmen:
t, high-frequency vibration, vibration massage, relax muscles, promote circulation, relax pressure

The 3D brush head is round and fits the skin;  By squeezing, pressing and bristles, it dredges the meridians of the human body, deeply stimulates various acupoints of the human body, and vibrates with high frequency to promote the absorption of essential oils and relax the muscles at the same time. Small and convenient, universal for the whole body, wireless battery life, power storage mode, more convenient to use without connection, available anytime, anywhere


  • Name: Little Dolphin Meridian Brush
  • Size: 92*60*28mm
  • Weight: about 80g
  • Power: 5W
  • Battery parameters: 3. 7v 730mAH
  • Microelectric pulse
  • High frequency vibration
  • Far infrared heating
  • Wireless battery life



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