Car Phone Holder Bracket

A non-slip clip securely locks the vent. The car phone holder holds the phone tightly and does not fall.

It is made of ABS material with a silicone panel. The overall appearance is exquisite.
Six silicone calipers provide strong friction and stability and the silicone panel is a shock absorber.

The mobile phone is rotated by the front and rear forces for more stability.Does not affect the use of charging.

It holds your phone tightly after you put your phone on it, and it automatically retracts after you take your phone away.


  • All-round stability
  • Diamond angle six-point linkage
  • Head down prevention
  • Scientific Silicone Dot
  • Easy to operate
  • One-handed access is more convenient
  • No abnormal noise throughout
  • Effective cushioning with front silicone

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