Pet Dog Cleaning Chew Toys

patented appearance: This is a gift for dogs; it looks like a Mexican ball cactus; it not only satisfied dogs chewing desire, but also has the food dispensing function. When playing with the toy, it helps deep clean their mouth, protect their oral health, and they get food rewards in the meantime, so as to improve their brain development and intelligence.

A toy for dogs to brush their own teeth:
Adult dogs have 42 teeth, sorted into incisors, molars, and canine teeth. Based on dogs chewing habits, at the top and bottom of the toy, are specially designed chewing posts to clean their incisors; the outside of the toy, are zigzag chewing bumps for cleaning molars; the newly designed curved cleaning grooves are specially for cleaning their canine teeth. Dogs can brush their own teeth, deep removing tartars and dental calculus.

Food dispensing puzzle toy:
You can put kibbles, beef jerky or dogs’ favorite treats in the passage in middle of the toy, which not only quickly attracts the dog's attention, but also allows him to get food rewards through playing with the toy, improve the dog's exploration ability and brain development, and enhance his IQ as well.

  The toy is made from food-grade elastic rubber without any bisphenol A, PVC and phthalates. The chewing bumps on the toys are resilient and will not damage your dog's oral mucosa, giving him an excellent chewing experience. You can rest assured to let your dog use it. This is an unsinkable toy that allows you and your dog to enjoy the playtime on the water.

  • Toys Type: Chew Toys
  • Material: Rubber
  • Type: Dogs

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Afton Stiedemann

My dog is in love with the toy, don't let go

Devonte Skiles

Sends super fast. Corresponds to the announcement thank you

Shayne Schinner

Excellent purchase, everything correct. The product arrived very fast (before the expected date) and in great condition.

Weston Rogahn

Looks robust and functional. I think my dog Waffle will be happy when I get home tonight.

Jazmyn Larkin

It was partially destroyed by my Boxer in the first minutes, but what remains will probably last a long time as it seems to be a very strong plastic.

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