Hair Removal Double-sided Massage Brush

Curved Comb Teeth/needle: With cute pumpkin design, this angle of pet shedding hair brush is better to grabbing hair. It is very suitable for indoor cats and dogs, avoiding the trouble of hair flying all over the sky.

Resin Protection Points, Protect Skin:
Combing with this pumpkin pet comb is like doing a SPA, massage can promote the blood circulation of pets. Gentle and does not hurt the skin, suitable for cats, dogs, rabbits, etc. with sensitive skin.

Safty and Environment Freindly:
Made from plastic, TPR. There will be no any probleming if your pet licking this pet comb.

Removing Hair - One button only
: Push the button lightly, and a whole piece of "pet hair cake" will fall out completely. Never worry about how to clean your pet comb again.


  • Material: plastic, TPR
  • Product classification: bath/massage brush
  • Specifications: sweet peach powder dual-purpose bath brush, olive green dual-purpose bath brush
  • Dimensions: approx. 210 L x 90 W x 61 H


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Luis Pollich

It doesn't take much hair off, though I 've only tried it without wipes yet. That's right, don't pull, and it looks like my cat tolerates it better than others.

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